The course addresses issues on the anaysis of the historical development of historic preservation, its concept, types and methodology on selected sites and buildings in Turkey as well as other countries. It aims to cover the techniques and practices of the historic preservation theory.

Evaluation and typological analysis of single building and building groups, street/block/ plot focusing on the unique architectural characteristics of the urban historic environment; current approaches and principals for designing new buildings or adding new parts to existing buildings in the empty/demolished/revitalization areas by the aid of defined characteristics of historic environment; related international and national regulations in this filed; approaches for the adaptive re uses and infill of different buildings and buildings groups; evaluation of the selected examples from Turkey and other countries.

Documentation techniques and historic buildings and sites: the methods of documentation which will be survaying and measuring, photographs, interpretation and location of primary and historic sources, as well as the analysis of architectural evidence, field investigations, descriptions, and drawings. Helping students to develop a skill for preparetion of required information sheet about the historic buildings or sites for the nomination of the national cultural heritage list.